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Kärcher Municipal


15 spots, more than 700 visitors and innumerable highlights!

01. May 2011

In 31 days Holder-agents travelled from Villingen-Schwenningen in the Southwest of Germany up to Malente in the far North. In doing so the new Holder C-series took center stage anytime. Strong. Slim. Brillant. With this motto the two winners started. Because the new C-series guarantees high efficiency in a compact design - up to 67 PS engine output, from 110 cm breadth and 200 cm height.
Also the numerous guests could not lose sight of the advantages of the Holders C 250 and C 270. Especial the improvements compared to the forerunner "Multipark" found a lot of enthusiasm. Agents of communes, municipal contractors, facility manager and customers of the sectors gardening, landscaping, fruit-growing and viniculture argued pleased about the implementation of their wishes.
Only a few guests missed the chance to test the Holder themselves. In doing so the integrated axle suspension could assure just as much as the agility at tight curves during circumnavigation from barriers. The greatest highlight was the cabin of the new C-series. Highest possible sight at the attachments, exacting ease of use, moveable multifunctional armrest, seated position and a well ordinance of the gate are only few positive features of the vehicle.
The conclusion of the roadshow is impressive: contented viewers, an outstanding feedback, the superior high interest in the C-series and the soon coming two-seated variant.