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Kärcher Municipal


2. Municipal vehicles dealers' day in Metzingen

08. June 2011

Following last year's successful start, another day event dedicated to dealers of municipal vehicles was held in Metzingen. Seventy-two dealers from 13 countries had come to the Metzingen plant to learn more about the innovations of Max Holder GmbH. Over the course of the two-day event, presentations were given on various topics, discussions were held and vehicles were tested. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the C-series, with 2-man cab, by the head of design, Mr. Braun. The evening programme was no less exciting and entertaining: shareholder Dr. Carl-Heiner Schmid enthused the dealers with an emotional speech about Max Holder GmbH and his connection to the company; Dr. Christoph Weiß was also present at the event. The surprise of the evening came from managing director Andreas Vorig,  who drove into the customer centre on a vintage Holder to kick off the roadshow lottery.