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Kärcher Municipal


Grounds maintenance

Mowing and ground care at the highest level with Kärcher Municipal vehicles - assuring varied, flexible and soil-conserving grounds maintenance.

The all-clear for efficient ground care and maintenance

Is it steep, is it extensive, is it cramped? It doesn't matter: A municipal vehicle from Kärcher Municipal is perfect for lawn care. Flexible attachment possibilities, its climbing capacity and manoeuvrability as well as larger area output open up nearly unlimited fields of applications.

The four equal-sized wheels offer the best traction with the greatest possible ground protection. Models with articulated steering enable the minimum turning circle and directional stability. Green spaces of all kinds, even those difficult to access, can be maintained quickly, effectively and to the highest standard.

At the same time, the multifunctional vehicles guarantee a quick and easy removal of the grass clipping ensuring a complete disposal chain. Thanks to the air conditioning and spacious comfort cabine, the driver keeps cool even during in hot climates.

Versatile applications

  • Mowing (with rotary, wide area, cylinder and reach arm mower)
  • Mowing-suction combination
  • Mulching


  • Hedge cutting
  • Watering

Our municipal vehicles in practice

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