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Kärcher Municipal


Viticulture and horticulture

Your front-row seat at Kärcher Municipal – a maximum of maneuverability, versatility and working efficiency, while maintaining the highest level of comfort, security and soil protection.

Strong, narrow, brilliant – Kärcher Municipal system vehicles with articulated steering

Articulated system vehicles, with 65 to 129 HP and an ideal combination of manoeuvrability, soil protection and permanent all-wheel drive, facilitate extremely efficient working – while providing maximum comfort and impressive safety. Kärcher Municipal vehicles offer multi-functionality at the highest level and, thanks to the versatility and quality of the Holder system, prove their unbeatable competence in viticulture and horticulture.

The concenpt of the cabine being positioned at the front perfectly matches applications in the front area in wine and fruit production.

Your benefits

  • Excellent visibility of the front implement for precise and relaxed working
  • Additional mounting area above the engine for barrels with a capacity from up to 1000 litre 
  • Very high hydraulic power with up to 120 l/min, steppless driving concept, extreme vehicle payload
  • Less pollution from air induction in the rear zone of the vehicle, e.g. leaf work and thus less risk of overheating
  • Ergonomic workplace in panoramic cabin
Outstanding view, improved traction and optimum working results thanks to the cab being positioned at the front
Optimum maoeuvrability, accuracy and directional stability guarantee a perfect working results thanks to articulated steering
  • Three-dimensional, double-acting front linkage for hydraulically adjustable inclination and lateral adjustment.
    Effect: even tighter turning radius, perfect terrain adaptation and optimum work result
  • Optimum weight distribution, since the implement is at the front and the engine at the rear
    Effect: better traction at lower ballasting of the machine
  • Emergency brake for inclines for absolute safety in slopes
  • Front and rear sections as well as front and rear attachment move in on line thanks to articulated steering
    Effect: less manoeuvring, less manual re-working, precise working close to the edge,

Versatile applications in viticulture and horticulture

Ground maintenance: Mulching | Mowing | Undergrowth cultivation | Weed control

Wood maintenance: Shredwood | Pruning

Foliage work: Trimming | Defoliate | Foliage stapled

Harvest: Transportation | Working platform

Plant protection

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