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WRS 200 cleaning system from Kärcher for Holder B and C series

When removing weeds, dirt, bacteria and viruses in an environmentally friendly manner, the versatile WRS 200 cleaning system will impress you with optimum cleaning results.

Two-in-one: Hot water weed control and high pressure cleaning

The versatile WRS 200 cleaning system from Kärcher is excellently suited to professional high-pressure cleaning with cold or hot water, non-chemical hot-water weed control (with only approx. four treatments a year) and disinfecting outside areas. A test at an independent laboratory has confirmed that with the correct application of hot water and steam, 99.999% of enveloped viruses, such as coronaviruses or influenza viruses, and 99.99% of standard household bacteria can be removed from hard surfaces.

The compact design of the vehicle/attachments combination allows use on large public spaces as well as on pavements. With the various hand lances, you can also get to places that are difficult to access. The front beam with an operating width of 1000 mm, 12 main nozzles and two side nozzles features hydraulic lateral adjustment and adjustable spraying angles for optimum adaptation to the ground conditions. According to individual requirements, a hand lance (1080 mm, 20 m hose) with the Kärcher Easy!Force high-pressure pistol, weed lances of 100 to 1000 mm in operating width, steam attachments and a chewing gum remover are available.

Versatile Applications

  • Hot water weed control
  • High pressure cleaning with hot or cold water
  • Removal of chewing gum residues
  • Irrigation of green areas
  • NEW: Disinfection with hot water


Based on tried-and-tested Kärcher technology, the powerful burner (up to 135 degrees Celsius) and the high-pressure pump (up to 200 bar) guarantee the best work results at the same time as low fuel consumption. Through the clear separation of servicing and operating elements as well as the intuitive operating concept, the user is guaranteed easy handling. The system's working comfort is rounded off by its swift readiness for use (within two minutes) thanks to the highly efficient burner, an automatic decalcification system and the vehicle's low centre of gravity.

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Equipment Cleaning system WRS 200

Cleaning system WRS 200  
Working pressure up to 200 bar / up to 20 MPa
Water working temperature up to 98 °C
Temperature at steam level 0 – max. 135 °C
Flow rate 28 l/min
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank 20 l
Fuel consumption (weed removal) 8 l/h
Weight 300 kg

Front bar (1000 mm, 12 main nozzles, 2 side nozzles,
hydraulic side adjustment 400 mm, adjustable spray angle,
temperature display)

Water tank (650 l, extension)

Hand lance (1080 mm with 20 m hose)

Kärcher Easy!Force high pressure gun

Weed lances from 10 to 100 cm working width

Chewing gum remover

Carrier vehicle Holder B 55 SC / C 55 SC

Holder C 65 SC / TC

Holder C 70 SC / TC

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