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The high-pressure cleaning system Cristal CH 3000 HP for the Holder MUVO

The high-pressure cleaning system Cristal CH 3000 HP assures in-depth cleaning of sensitive and heavily soiled surfaces on marketplaces, shopping areas and sidewalks.

Professional high-pressure cleaning

The Cristal 3000 High Pressure washing system is compatible with the Holder MUVO carrier vehicle. It is designed for deep-cleaning and scrubbing floors: Forecourts, pavements, public spaces and pedestrian zones. The wet cleaning system binds the dust better than conventional sweepers in the fight against the fine dust pollution and also cleans sensitive and heavily soiled surfaces gently and effectively.

The high-pressure cleaning system Cristal CH 3000 HP works with pure warer and carries a water tank with  2,100 litres of capacity. The system cleans with two rotating spray arms under a cleaning hood. Including side offset, a total cleaning width of 2300 mm is possible. The water pressure of 250 bar and the water flow rate of 25 l / min are particularly suitable for the removal of heavy impurities. As an option, the Cristal CH 3000 HP can be installed with a wastewater extraction system. It is also possible to increase the cleaning performance by using hot water with a working temperature of up to 90 degrees.

For manual operation, a manual high-pressure cleaning hood and a double-jet high-pressure lance are available for both systems. The hose holder mounted on the roof of the water tank can be swivelled through 360 degrees.

Whether city centers, marketplaces, shopping areas, industrial areas or construction site entrances with the typically determined soiling – not only the respective cleaning system, but also the carrier vehicle are perfectly adapted to the municipal requirements. The compact dimensions of the vehicle as well as its manoeuvrability thanks to four-wheel and diagonal steering ensure flexible applications even in cramped situations. The transport speed of up to 60 km / h allows fast approach and departure to and from the place of use.

More about the carrier vehicle:

Holder MUVO

You benefit from:

  • Less time consumed
  • High security
  • Maximum comfort
  • Optimal working result


Equipment: High-pressure cleaning system CRISTAL CH 3000 HP

Cleaning hood

  • Front-mounted stainless steel cleaning hood, with two rotating spray arms (width of 1200 mm and side adjustment of ±550 mm for a total cleaning width of 2300 mm)
  • Optional washing bar fitted behind the hood
  • Optional dirty water extraction with high capacity (fresh water 1300 l / dirty water 800 l)

Water tank

  • Robust aluminium tank
  • The large water capacity and the high water flow rate ensure an enormus operating range
  • High pressure combined with hot water guarantees that your work will produce perfect results, even on severe levels of debris 

Hot water options

  • One or two stainless steel boilers enable an operating temperature of up to 90 °C to be reached
  • Anti-limescale system

Manual operation options

  • Manual high-pressure stainless steel cleaning hood with three integrated rotating arms and a holder on the tank
  • 360° pivoting stainless steel hose holder, installed on the roof, incl. 12 m high-pressure hose 
  • Double-jez high-pressure lance with pressure regulation and holder
Container Volume Water tank volume 2100 l
  Fresh water tank (with suction) 1300 l

Dirty water tank (with suction)

800 l

Vehicle dimensions with washing system

Total height/ Total lenght

2395 mm / 5680 mm

Washing unit Water pressure 250 bar
  Water flow rate 25 l/min

Suction output /-volume

20000 Pa / 800 m³/h

Cleaning hood dimensions Width 1200 mm

Total operating width incl. L/R side offset of 550 mm

2300 mm

Carrier vehicle Holder MUVO  


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