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Kärcher Municipal


Holder C 65 completes successful product line

14. May 2018

Powerful 65 HP implement carrier with one-person and two-person cab

The new multifunctional articulated implement carrier Holder C 65 is the latest addition to the 2011 launched Holder C series and is also closely related to the still relatively new C 70. The system vehicle which is available either with one-person cab (C 65 SC) or two-person cab (C 65 TC) was launched to the market in spring 2018.

As a member of the same model series, the C 65 has many things in common with the C 70. For instance, it complies with the European exhaust gas emissions standard Stage IIIB and the American variant Tier 4 final. The engine power is identical at 65 HP. The comfort cab can be installed at three heights depending on the application requirement and always provides an optimal 360 degree panoramic view for enhanced safety. The innovative equipment in this vehicle class such as an inner mudguard for protection against dirt ingress, an electronic hand and foot pedal, as well as a digital combination display for displaying different vehicle functions, are also on board the C 65.

Of course, the driver does not have to forego the advantages of all Holder system vehicles, e.g. manoeuvrability, directional stability, multifunctionality and exceptional working and operating comfort. The C 65 also possesses the hydraulic wheel load compensation, mechanical differential locks, as well as a mechanical front PTO and 3D front lift. The differences to the C 70 can generally be found in the hydrostatic permanent all-wheel drive and in the driving modes. All in all municipal and commercial users find a high-quality partner in the Holder C 65 for all day-to-day challenges suitable for use all year round.