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Kärcher Municipal


Last delivery to Russia is done

22. October 2010

The Max Holder GmbH was not thinking of a summer slump, because the fabrication ran up to speed due to the major order from the faraway Russia. The traditional company had won a tender of all in all 110 motor vehicles for the Russian city St. Petersburg. "We, as the fabrication, are awfully glad, that we got this major order. In spite of the bad economic situation, we could close the expected capacity utilization." explain the Production Manager Wolfgang Schwarz. "However the order demanded very much from us. Because of the short time to handle certainly we had problems with the consignment of the material, which we could only compensate with the flexible commitment of our employees. Once again I commend the crew, which had shown, how much they are committed to the company." At the 22th October 2010 the last Holder took off for the long journey to the faraway Russia.