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Kärcher Municipal


Only flying is better: Holder implement carriers for all-season use

27. September 2013

Multifunction on land-side and on air-side
The multifunctional Holder implement carriers with articulated steering are perfect partners for all-season use -  in cities and municipalities, for local service providers and of course also at airports. Thanks to their agility, robustness and versatility they are perfect for all cleaning, maintenance and clearing work coming up. At international airports such as Zurich, Frankfurt and Leipzig Holder implement carriers have become indispensable. With clean and free paths they ensure a safe transfer of passengers from the parking lot to the terminal.

Inspiring technique
The Holder product range offers four different series from 27-92 hp. They all have in common articulated steering, permanent four-wheel drive, 4 wheels of equal size and wheel load balance. Mechanical PTOs, up to 120 litres of hydraulic power and extreme payload (about 1800 kg possible) support heavy duty applications throughout all seasons. Standardised interfaces allow a quick and easy change of attachments. The modern and comfortable cabins with 360° range of vision, air-suspended driver’s seat and multi-functional joystick guarantee a stress-free working day.  

Double strength: the new Holder S 1090 with 2-person cabin
The Holder S series was designed for the highest requirements and toughest applications. With a spacious 2-person cabin, the powerful implement carriers are becoming even more versatile and more economical in the tough everyday application. The Holder engineers succeeded in transferring the successful concept of the double cabin of the C series to the new S 1090, and to "treat it to" a cabin with a full second seat despite the compact measurements. The passenger enjoys the same high level of comfort as the driver with regards to seating quality, ergonomics and sense of space. The double cabin brings many benefits and additional applications - that way a second person in the car renders an additional vehicle obsolete, which increases the efficiency significantly. Moreover, the passenger can carry out minor work via handheld devices, while the driver focuses on the work with the vehicle. And: even in terms of safety, the 2-person cabin is a real win because there are many applications and critical situations in which a second person can serve well and reduce the risk of accidents.

Holder X 30 now with a complete range of attachments
The new Holder X 30 is a worldwide unique working system. A maximum speed of 27 km/h, a practical preselection of applications via program switches and the highest hydraulic performance of its class are only named as a few examples. With almost 1000 kg, it has the highest load capacity within its class, with a permissible total weight of 2000 kg. The innovative multi-functional hopper enables three applications without having to set down or replace the hopper. While you needed 3 hoppers in the past for sweeping, mowing and watering, the Holder X 30 needs only one. Moreover, there is now a complete and perfectly coordinated range of attachments for vacuum sweeping, vacuum mowing, watering, cleaning and winter road maintenance.  

International expansion
The product range is not the only field in which signs are pointing towards growth: the market presence and distribution structures of Holder are also developing positively. The company expands into different directions. One of the focal points is the complete coverage of the European market. Important milestones were achieved with the establishment of an own distribution and service company in Italy, as well as partnerships in Spain and Turkey. The subsidiary Holder Tractors Inc. (HTI) was founded in the Canadian Embrun (Ontario) in order to take over and expand the activities of the previous importer for North America. From the very beginning, HTI and AEBI Schmidt Holding (ASH) agreed a cooperation in the supply of the North American Market with spare parts for the brand Aebi. New importers and first sales successes in China, Russia and South Korea are completing the positive development of the traditional Metzingen-based company.

Holder celebrates its 125th company anniversary
Established in 1888, Holder was already deemed a pioneer for innovative developments at the end of the 19th century  - at first mainly in the field of plant protection for viticulture and fruit production. The first tractor worldwide with permanent four-wheel drive, articulated steering and four wheels of the same size, which was introduced in 1954, stands for a machine concept which revolutionised the industry and which is still in use today. In 1980, the company entered the municipal business. Since then, Holder has been firmly established not only in viticulture and fruit production, but its products are also used regularly in municipal applications throughout the year. As in the past, Holder is still producing exclusively in the Swabian Metzingen.  

About Max Holder GmbH
Max Holder GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of multi-functional tractors with articulated steering for municipal applications as well as for viticulture and fruit production. Whether lawn care, walkway cleaning, transportation tasks, earth movement, plant protection, greenery work, winter road maintenance, or numerous special applications - customers in many countries are relying on the Holder brand. The traditional company from Metzingen, which was established in 1888, offers complete solutions and services from a single source: multi-functional carrier vehicles, suitable attachment technology, individual services and flexible rental concepts.