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Important safety notices for Holder Series A, B, C, F, L, M, S, V and MUVO

As a quality manufacturer, we attach the highest importance to the safety of our products. Following a safety review, we have identified various vehicle behaviours that pose danger and therefore point out the following safety measures.

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Series B, C, M, and S vehicles may accelerate unexpectedly during operation. Depending on the specific circumstances, this may particularly occur if:

  • the driving level, direction switch, or fine adjustment wheel* on the joystick are accidentally moved;
  • the “transport mode” driving level is selected when an increased engine speed is preselected;
  • when the vehicle slows down abruptly when in the “constant drive” drive programme and the drive programme is then set to drive programme 0 without the direction switch first being set to N.

When operating vehicle types A, B, C, F, L, M, S, V and MUVO depending on the chosen settings on the vehicle, simply starting the engine of a vehicle may also result in the unintended start-up of the PTOs.

In some cases, technical solutions are alreday available for the affected vehicles. We urgently request all users to contact us at to discuss retrofitting and the further procedure.

Until retrofitting the safety notices must be observed effective immediately to avoid fatal injury.

Further information and the detailed safety notices are available to those affected after the VIN check.

Kärcher Municipal GmbH very much regrets the quality problems that have arisen and apologises to all users who have been affected.

* the fine adjustment wheel is also referred to as the fine control knob

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