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Sweeping with the Holder X 45i

The best cleaning results with the greatest possible flexibility  – the Holder X 45i cleaning professional with sweeping-suction combination assures efficiency and maneuverability.

Flexible, efficient, unique: sweeping with the Holder X 45i

The sweeping suction combination developed exclusively for the Holder X 45i, which received the best distinction in the EUnited certification with four stars, includes a 2-brush system with individial brush control, a 600 mm wide suction mouth, a suction hose diameter of 160 mm, a sweeping width of up to 2050 mm and a high-quality container made of stainless steel.

A payload of up to 1,025 kg guarantees the best cleaning results and a wide reach. We have managed to maximize maneuverability while keeping the vehicle dimensions compact with a max. width of 1.1 metres thanks to central aspiration. The Holder Eco mode implies an engine speed reduction and enables low-noise and fuel-efficient sweeping.

Further, the Holder X 45i, with its petrol engine, can be regarded as an efficient and stable solution to the particulate matter problem that many cities are facing. With 44 HP, the Holder X 45i thereby supports municipalities in their daily struggle to improve air quality.

More on the carrier vehicle: Holder X 45i

Holder X 45i: Suitable for pavements and underground car parks

Equipment of the Holder X 45i with sweeping-suction combination

  • High-quality container made of stainless steel
  • 1000 l gross conatiner volume, water capacity up to 450 litres
  • Large container flap for very easy draining
  • High suction power due to short but large suction hose
  • One of the largest vacuum extractor fans in its class
  • 2-brush-system with individual brush control
  • Wide of suction mouth max. 600 mm and suction hose diameter of 160 mm
  • 150 l fresh water tank and water circulation system
Hopper Hopper, gross 1,0 m³
  Hopper, net 0,7 m³
  Fresh water tank 150 l
  Recycled water 100 l
  Total height incl. carrier vehicle 1960 mm
  Total outer width incl. carrier vehicle 1090 mm
Brush system Plate brush diameter 720 mm
  Sweeping width 2050 mm
Carrier vehicle Holder X 45i  


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