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Holder Fahrzeuge überzeugen auf Schweizer Winterdemo 2019

08. March 2019

At this year's Winter Demo in Elm, Switzerland the Holder sales partners Leiser and Zimmermann presented the multifunctional system vehicles from Holder in harsh winter conditions. The expert audience was able to see the machines live in action and at the end test how Holder vehicles in the X, C, S series, as well as the Holder Muvo, clear snow and ice from paths and surfaces quickly and efficiently. At the bottom of the valley the thermometer on this morning reads minus six degrees, an icy wind blows around the vehicle hangar. The gun barrel of a Leopard tank protrudes from a blanket of snow more than a metre deep. In the summer the Wichlen shooting range is used by the Swiss army as a training ground, today winter maintenance vehicles from various manufacturers practice an emergency situation in snow and ice.

Winter Demo as a Showcase

Colourful advertising banners flap in the wind, the annual Winter Demo in January is a must-attend industry event. Winter with snow and ice is certain in Switzerland and winter maintenance is an issue for almost every municipality. Decision-makers of municipal fleets, private service providers, but also airport operators, are shown how the snow can be tackled most effectively. Not only new developments are intriguing: Many of the approximately 150 visitors are looking for an answer to the question as to how they can manage their winter maintenance tasks reliably, efficiently and economically with an intelligent combination of carrier vehicles and attachments. The Winter Demo shows the strengths and weaknesses of the individual models in a plain and simple manner. Visitors who are very interested have the opportunity after the show to thoroughly test the exhibited clearing vehicles.

Switzerland as a market that sends a strong Signal

"For us, Switzerland is an important market: The Swiss have always appreciated the solid quality of Holder vehicles, the Winter Demo is an important presentation platform. Zimmermann and Leiser have been some of our biggest sales partners for many years now. Both companies implement the high Holder quality and service standard in practice", says Günther Dorfmann, Area Sales Manager at Holder.

Things are beginning to move in the winter setting: More and more large and small snowploughs and gritting vehicles are starting up and moving to the starting line in front of the hall. It snowed heavily in the days before, in some places the snow is over two metres deep. Ideal conditions for an exciting winter demo. The numbered snowploughs enter the ring one after the other and show the spectators behind the red and white barrier tape their performance range. Comments on the winter demo are provided in Swiss German.

Holder X series – especially in tight spaces

As one of the first providers, the Holder X 45i with Nesbo front-mounted broom and Kugelmann gritting unit heads to the starting line. As the smallest member in the Holder family and with a petrol engine, it turns out to be extremely agile and manoeuvrable – exactly how we know from Holder articulated machines with diesel engines. It clears the snow and ice in a short time. "The X series is perfect for very narrow paths, parking spaces and car parks and is the ideal machine for municipal service providers and building cleaners", explains Domenico Condito, Product Manager at Holder. The hydraulically operated rotary broom can be exchanged for a snow shield within a few minutes without the need for any tools. With a maximum speed of 27 km/h, the X series is designed for short distances, with its environmentally friendly 44 HP petrol engine the X 45i impresses everywhere.

C series with mechanical PTO shaft and large range of applications

The Holder C 65 SC with one-person cab is more powerful and much bigger. At the Winter Demo it is ready to launch with a variable snow shield from Kugelmann with V-shaped shield position as well as flatbed. With a hydrostatic four-wheel drive and hydraulic wheel load compensation, it confidently paves its way through the heavy snow without chains. The Holder C 70 TC with two-person cab, which boasts comparable performance and equipment, comes with a snow cutter from Zaugg with 140 cm working width and a Kugelmann dual-chamber gritting unit. Fitted with snow chains, the C 70 presents itself as a robust clearing vehicle, which effortlessly breaks through the accumulated snow. "This shows that our concept is simply unbeatable: the combination of a hydrostatic drive with four wheel motors, wheel load compensation and a mechanical PTO shaft for the front attachment", highlights Günther Dorfmann.

As a matter of fact, the C series is the most versatile Holder model both for winter maintenance and the upkeep of green areas. Two standardised mounting points on the front and rear, as well as another mounting area for articulated machines, make this multifunctional vehicle a genuine all-round talent. With 65 HP diesel engines and a top speed of 40 km/h, the series can easily keep pace on city centre routes.

Holder S series: Full speed ahead for all snowfalls

With a diesel engine with up to 130 HP, the S series is the workhorse among the Holder machines. The Holder S 130 showcases itself at the Winter Demo with Westa high-performance snow cutter and snow blower. What follows will astonish many spectators: The Holder S 130 edges through vast snowy mountains at a constant speed. The driver sets almost the entire engine power to the mechanical PTO shaft and operates the snow cutter and snow blower at maximum performance. "The S series convincingly shows our motto "powerful, narrow, great"", adds Domenico Condito with pride.

At first glance the Holder S 115 appears exotic with a snowstick attachment: The machine automatically sets snowsticks at the roadside so that snow-clearing services detect the road. This application illustrates how diverse and sometimes highly specialised the range of attachments is for Holder system vehicles. "All new attachments must undergo extensive endurance tests before they can be used on a Holder", clearly states Domenico Condito.

Holder Muvo as multifunctional vehicle for year-round use

The Holder Muvo has graduated: It differs from the other machines, but it manages without the articulated steering typical of Holder machines. With a 109 HP turbodiesel engine and infinitely variable hydrostatic all-wheel drive, it is the versatile workhorse in the Holder family. It starts with a snow cutter from Zaugg and a single-chamber gritting unit attachment from Kugelmann. The Muvo presses forwards systematically with spiked tyres, at a maximum speed of 60 km/h it makes headway in a relatively sporting manner. Its front and rear steerable wheels enable so-called crab steering: Front and rear axles are offset, this makes the Muvo extremely manoeuvrable and flexible.

Trying it out says more than a thousand words

At the end of the show the demonstration grounds are transformed into an extensive test track for all exhibitor vehicles. Before the vehicles go into service, testers can be shown the Holder vehicles under the professional direction of Holder staff. The intuitive control consoles and the panoramic view meet with approval on all sides, anyone who takes a seat acknowledges the comfort of the adjustable Holder seats with an approving nod. "It's nice and warm!", is how one test driver describes the fact that Holder vehicles have an air-conditioned and heated workstation as standard. "Praise, criticism and any type of constructive feedback are invaluable to us", emphasises Domenico Condito.

The sun has long since bid farewell to the narrow valley, most visitors are already returning home. At the assembly point the Muvo is missing: One enthusiastic driver has burrowed himself deep in the evening snow, the snow blower provides details on its current location.